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G23 Instruments manufacture precision engineered, minimal drift, low noise microelectrode holders for research groups around the world. The company works closely with active research staff within the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology at University College London and other institutes and its novel equipment and designs have been thoroughly tested under rigorous research conditions.We market microelectrode holders for Axon Instruments headstages, all HEKA patch clamp amplifiers, Sutter Instrument integrated patch amplifiers, Warner Instruments' PC505b most NPI electronic amplifiers and spares for our holders. Our electrode holders have been recommended for low drift long term recording and stability by both Axon (prior to their takeover by Molecular Devices) and Burleigh Instruments (Dec 2010: “Pipette drift sources and solutions for patch clamp recording experiments”). 

See Choosing a microelectrode holder for headstage compatability.

Please see Ordering and Payment before placing an order.


We manufacture electrode holders which fit the older Axon headstages: CV201A / 201AU / CV4 smooth collett 1mm diameter pin (1-HL-1) and HS-2A smooth collet 2mm diameter pin - 1-HL-2 (the latter made to order).

We also make holders to fit the Axon / PatchMaster large brass headstage CV-7A (made to order)

We also produce electrode holders to fit the Warner headstages of the PC505b.
Our ISO-S range is equivalent to Warner Instruments' QSW-TxxP holders.

The differences between our holders and those of other manufacturers are:

  • The design of our electrode holders greatly reduces the chance of movement of the pipette during patch clamp recording, which is undesirable but often occurs during changes in pipette pressure. It does this by supporting the electrode glass at two points.
  • Our holders are engineered for discrete sizes of pipette glass and we can ensure less drift during an experiment than those from other manufacturers whose holders can accommodate multiple sizes.
  • Our holders are made from low noise polycarbonate. Some other manufacturers use metallized components which add more electrical background noise during recording. Some use Teflon pipette (electrode) caps which, from our research experience, will 'creep' during long experiments and loosen the hold on the pipette, leading to increased drift. Our holders only use Teflon for the connection to the headstage, which has no effect on your experiments as the pin cap is so tight in your headstage that there is almost no need to use the Teflon lock ring.
  • All our holders are precision machined rather than moulded.

Please Note: that we no longer manufacture our original DB range of low drift (rather than minimal drift ISO) holders. 

As a small specialist company, G23 Instruments works with active researchers to continually develop its products and we are able to customise our microelectrode holders to suit particular requirements. Please contact us if you have a particular need.


Our clients include:

 University College London

Northwestern University

University of Cambridge

University of Bath

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Imperial College London

University of Oxford

Allen Institute for Brain Science


University of Alabama in Birmingham

Institut Pasteur


University of Zurich

University of Bristol
UKRI - Medical Research Council

University of Edinburgh
LMU Muenchen

University of Washington


Medizinische Universitat Wien

Georgia Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

National Institutes of Health