Microelectrode holders

Microelectrode holders

Microelectrode holders

Our precision engineered, low and minimal drift, electrode holders have been rigorously tested and used extensively for successful low noise, whole-cell and single-channel recording in electrophysiology laboratories around the world.

Our ranges come with 3 types of fitting: S - Screw fitting for Axon HLU type headstages, P - Push fit for Axon HL-1 type headstages and H - BNC connector type for HEKA Co. headstages and some NPI and Dagan amplifiers. We also make a special holder to fit the early Axon HS-2A headstage. 

See Choosing a holder for advice on which type of holder to purchase. This page also has a compatability table matching headstages with holders.

ISO Range (Current)

Our ISO range of minimal drift microelectrode holders was developed in conjunction with scientists at University College London (UCL) and is in use in many of the world's best electrophysiology labs. We would recommend this range as it is more stable than our original DB range.

Click here for the full range and all types of fitting.


DB Range (Original)

The DB Range - our original range of low drift microelectrode holders - they are 5mm shorter than the ISO range.

Click here for the full range and all type of fitting.