DEO holder for patching dendrites - 2.0mm glass

The DEO minimal drift micro electrode holder has been produced for patching dendrites using 2.0mm OD glass.

The holder can be supplied with different attachments to fit particular headstages:

S - Screw fitting for Axon® HLU type headstages (including CV-203BU, CV-7A/B, HS-9A) and Sutter Instrument IPA® and dPatch® Digital Patch Amplifier Systems. [to order click here]

P - Push fit for Axon® HL-1 type headstages (including CV201A / 201AU) 

H - BNC connector type for HEKA Co.® headstages and some NPI® and Dagan® amplifiers



PLEASE NOTE: The barrel holder/suction tube assembly, the barrel and the electrode cap of the DEO type holders are NOT interchangeable with our ISO range holders as, although they look similar, they are of a different size.

These holders are made to order so delivery may be up to a week later than our other holders

To order DEO-P-2.0G or DEO-H-2.0G holders please email

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