ISO Range (Current)

ISO Range (Current)

Over 2 years in development, and in use in many of the best electrophysiology laboratories in the world since 2009, this design offers electrophysiologists a precision engineered holder with the highest mechanical stability and low noise. It offers major improvements over the original DB range that virtually eliminate pipette movement and air leakage. A longer barrel allows for the insertion of a small polycarbonate cylinder between the two O-rings which keeps everything rigid. The cylinder is precision milled at both ends to hold the O-rings in place.

Our ISO range has 4 types of fitting: S - Screw fitting for Axon HLU type headstages (including CV-203BU, CV-7A/B, HS-9A), P - Push fit for Axon HL-1 type headstages (including CV201A / 201AU), HS2A for Axon HS-2A push fit headstages and H - BNC connector type for HEKA Co. headstages and some NPI and Dagan amplifiers.

The holders are available for 3 diameters of pipette glass: 1.0mm OD, 1.2mm OD and 1.5mm OD. Because the holders are engineered for discrete sizes of pipette glass we can ensure lower drift than those from other manufacturers whose holders can accommodate multiple sizes.

See Choosing a holder for advice on which type of holder to purchase.