DEO-S-2.0G micro electrode holder

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DEO-S-2.0G electrode holder for 2.0mm diameter glass electrodes with screw fitting for Axon HLU type headstages (including CV-203BU, CV-7A/B, HS-9A) and Sutter Instrument IPA® family of integrated patch amplifiers. Recommended for patching dendrites. These are custom made to order so delivery times will be delayed by up to a week.

Dimensions: Length - 40.0mm  Diameter lock ring - 15.0mm  Diameter electrode cap - 10.0mm. PLEASE NOTE: The barrel holder/suction tube assembly, the barrel and the electrode cap of the DEO type holders are NOT interchangeable with our ISO range holders as, although they look similar, they are of a different size.

Supplied with 4 spare O-rings and 4 spare wire seals.

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